Your convenient medication delivery service

You are elderly, expecting mother, asthmatic, infant under 2 years or you are someone with a compromised immune system, and your doctor has advised it’s not very safe or you are very vulnerable to communicable diseases you should not frequent visiting healthcare facilities unless it’s very necessary. He, therefore, requests Telepharma to coordinate the accessibility of and deliver your prescribed medication at your convenience.

This is intended to make life safer and easier for you and your doctor. In the past you would have had to go to your preferred old pharmacy to collect your prescribed medication and perhaps also to be counselled on how to use your prescribed medication. It can, however, be costly and time consuming to travel to the pharmacy and wait around for your prescribed medication to be dispensed. Often, you would also have to move from pharmacy to pharmacy on occasions where some of your prescribed medication or even all is or are out of stock in pharmacy to pharmacy. As mentioned, this is time consuming and indeed it can be very frustrating too.

Instead, you or your doctor can send your prescription to Telepharma pharmacist team, and we will coordinate the accessibility of and deliver your prescribed medication to you at home, school, office or to any other convenient address of your choice so you will only need to go to the healthcare facility when you need to see your doctor for a regular checkup, not just to collect your prescribed medication.

Who is Telepharma?

Telepharma; we are a team of dedicated and caring professionals with a clear vision of PROMOTING HEALTH through; enabling faster, easier, and more convenient access to medicines at exceptionally very affordable rates. In times like these, you shouldn’t miss your daily medication dose because you did not have the time to queue at your preferred old pharmacy or drug store.

Our Team