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Your medication delivery will always be made by trained and professional DELIVERY Officers who at all times must carry identification cards. After we get your doctor’s prescription, we will make it easy for you to get your prescribed medication, delivered to you at the comfort of your own convenience. We get your medication at the pharmacy of your choice but in any case, we can also take up full responsibility and make sure its accessed and delivered to you either to your office, home, school, or any location of your choice fast, safely, and efficiently.

 If our delivery officer is going to be unduly delayed, a staff of our Customer Care Team will contact you to give a revised estimate of your delivery time.

Our delivery service has refrigeration units to ensure your medication is transported at the correct temperature.
If you would like to know the expected time of arrival for your medication delivery, you can contact our Customer Care line from 8 am to 11pm on the day of your delivery.

Please remember to inform our Customer Care Team if you are going to be on holiday for any of your scheduled delivery days. We can then ensure that your medication delivery is rescheduled to a more suitable date.
If you are going abroad, we can arrange for you to receive a portable medication storage box and, if necessary, a smaller sharps bin for parenterally administered medications which is more suitable for travelling. Our Pharmacist Team can also send you a letter explaining why you are carrying medication; in case you are asked for this by Customs.

The welfare of elderly people and whoever on chronic medication predominantly relies on medicines, therefore, the easier accessibility of medicines to them is very paramount for their wellbeing. Telepharma, together with our concerned partners we stepped up to the play to put up together the “Telepharma chronic medication delivery program” purposed to offer extremely low-cost medication delivery services throughout our daily operating hours to all people on chronic medication registered with the Telepharma chronic medication delivery program. This program exempts all pensioners registered with the program from all costs to be incurred to have their prescribed treatment delivered to their place of convenience. “And of course, from your preferred old pharmacy or drug store.”

Our chronic medication delivery program is fully, proudly sponsored and coordinated by Telepharma and concerned partners. Special appreciation to all our concerned partners who are committed to make this program exist.

Our 24-hour toll-free pharmacist tele service will be glad to receive your call with regards to your delivered medication. We have a pharmacist team who are available to handle any queries about the medication delivered to you by Telepharma. However, where necessary, all queries about your prescribed treatment will be directed to the pharmacist at your preferred pharmacy or your doctor.

Our 24-hour toll-free pharmacist tele service whenever required offers patient compliance and adherence strategies to your prescribed treatment for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Our 24-hour toll-free pharmacist tele service offers counselling in relation to drug addictions or misuse.

Our 24-hour toll-free pharmacist tele service offers necessary referral recommendations with regards to your prescribed medication enquiry.

Our pharmacist team maintains a very good register of your medical records. Do not get stranded in case you need to refer to one of your previous prescriptions.

“Another overwhelming reason for keeping your own medical records is ,this action can save you tons of money, and possibly your life,” says Lisa Berry Blackstock, founder and owner of Soul Sherpa, an advocacy group that specializes in medical care advocacy and other services. She recommends that everyone, even those in great physical and mental health, keep full and up-to-date medical records.

“Having access to your own medical records saves your medical personnel from performing many tests, costing lots of money, to establish basic information already known,” Blackstock says. “It should prevent them from performing unnecessary testing and procedures that will duplicate what your records already show.” It may also expedite your visit plans, especially when traveling, so keeping electronic copies of your records accessible from your mobile device is a great idea if you’re often on the road. Telepharma offers this service to you.

At some point in your life, you could face a medication bill high enough to threaten your financial well-being. Most large medication bills might contain errors, not that, there is an intension to be cheated. So, you’ll want to make sure yours doesn’t contain errors– or it could really cost you.

Keeping your own medication bill records can seem like a hassle. But doing so can not only help you stay on top of your own care, but one day it may save you from financial hardship. Providing this service of availing your medication bill records electronically, it’s therefore, never been easier to have them at hand.

Should you find yourself analyzing your own medication bill for errors or fraudulent charges, there are a number of things to have in front of you in addition to your itemized bill: your health insurance policy and explanation of benefits.

Indeed, your biggest allies when it comes to saving money on a big bill could very well be your medication bill records.

Upon your request, our pharmacist team will be dedicated sending notifications/reminders for your prescription refills. This will help you to always have your prescriptions refilled on time, so you don’t run out of your chronic medication.

Specific storage information for your treatment can always be found on the product information leaflet inside the medication package, in case of any required special storage conditions like refrigeration for your treatment, the pharmacist will always advise and print the instructions.

In addition.

  • It is important to use your medication as directed by the pharmacist. Our reception officers can help you rotate your stock when they next deliver to you, should you wish.
  • Ensure you do not use your medication beyond the expiry date indicated on the packaging of your medication.
  • Ensure your medication is always kept out of the reach and sight of children and vulnerable adults.

If you have any queries about the storage of your medication, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care line: 0800600955

If you are on any parenteral self-administered medication, it is very important to ensure that you dispose of any used needles and syringes safely. Here is our home quick guide for you.

  • Ensure to always have a sharps disposal container at home or any other place of your convenience for example, your office.
  • Place all used needles and other sharps in a sharps disposal container immediately after they have been used. This will reduce the risk of needle sticks, cuts, and punctures from loose sharps.
  • Ensure your sharps bin is always kept out of the reach of children, vulnerable adults, and pets (dogs, cats etc.)


Overfilling a sharps disposal container increases the risk of accidental needle-stick injury. When your sharps disposal container is about three-quarters (3/4) full, seal it, shut it and contact us or give it to any of our Telepharma Botswana delivery officers so we can coordinate the safe disposal of it for you. If you are unable to seal your bin, please contact us immediately and we will be able to do this for you. Further instruction on how to close your sharps bin will always be included in the leaflet once opened, always read it carefully to fully understand. For any clarity, please contact us.


DO NOT reuse sharps disposal containers.

Sometimes visiting your preferred old pharmacy or pharmacist for a chat or joke while collecting your prescribed medication is very healthy and Telepharma we highly recommend it. But, unless you are elderly, expecting mother, asthmatic, infant under 2 years or you are someone with a compromised immune system, and therefore, being very vulnerable to communicable diseases you shouldn’t frequent visiting healthcare facilities. However, if ain’t any of the above, Telepharma Botswana medication delivery service shouldn’t be regarded as a service to a major degree stop you from visiting your old-preferred pharmacy or drug store, but instead as an alternative in situations where you are not able to collect your prescribed medication. For example,

  • If you are a kind of a person who at sometimes concerned of how much time it will take to get through the hassles of getting your prescribed medication.
  • In emergency situations? Caught up between work or traffic? No need to worry, Telepharma Botswana is your dedicated partner. Simply get in touch with Telepharma Botswana, So, you take care of other businesses, while we take care of jumping queues, beating traffic, and making sure your medication is delivered on time without you burning out.